Do it yourself is a repository created to collect techniques and methods (instructions!) for growing, harvesting and processing your own psychedelics at home. Besides the fact that it is fun and easy, there are many practical reasons to harvest your own psychedelics at home.

Primacy of direct experience

Doing it yourself will provide first hand learning and the joy of harvesting your own experience. Don't just consume an experience, create it from start to finish, that's selfedelic.

Safety and responsibilty

Psychedelics are powerful. They can change your life. By directly participanting in bringing your own harvest into the world you assume the responsibilty and saftey of your entire experience.

Plant liberty and freedom

What you do in your own home with plants nature provides should be your own business. By being Selfedelic you are able to free yourself from the stigma and downsides of buying "illegal drugs" and instead you are growing a personal sized harvest of plants (and mushrooms!) in the privacy of your own home.


If you are interested in exploring psychedelics and prefer primacy of direct experience instead of passively consuming substances preapared by others...