Charming Magic Mushroom Tutorial Video

Found this video gem in the internet archives. While there are many videos about growing psilocybin mushrooms, I find this one to be somewhat charming. It’s a bit long at 1hr, but it’s pretty thorough. The methods are also cheap and straightforward to implement. It will explain a little more than you need to know to get started on your first grow.

Still, the extra information it offers will answer a few questions you are bound to have and allow insight into the psilocybin mushroom cultivation in general. To be sure, the video production feels a little dated, but it is edited relatively well and moves at a nice pace. The methods haven’t changed much, if at all, compared to similar how-to video being released today. Regardless of the date this video was made, it provides ways that will work. The methods used in this video, are at a high level the exact same ones you will find in the instructions of your Midwest Grow Kits or many others based around PFtek. Any of the good PFtek tutorials you find out on the internet will likely be very similar, perhaps with differences in opinion regarding implementation methods. And these opinions regarding implementation methods are where people go off the deep end to make these more complicated than they need to be, or worse confuse first-time growers. PFtek is simple, and going a couple of steps beyond PFtek to a bulk jar, or monotub grow is not complicated once you have succeeded with PFtek. Try it!

Link to Video in the Internet Archives: How To Grow Magic Mushrooms Full Guide